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Collectors' Circle

The Collectors’ Circle at the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art provides special opportunities for Members of the CRMA to learn about art and collecting in all media while supporting the Museum and our collection.  Collectors’ Circle Members enjoy personal tours of private collections and galleries, trips to artist studios and various museums, as well as opportunities to engage with gallery owners, dealers, collectors, and visiting curators.  Collectors’ Circle Members also have enhanced access to the Museum’s professional staff.  Collectors’ Circle dues are used to create an acquisition fund, through which the group will regularly help the Museum decide on works to acquire for the permanent collection.  In addition, the Collectors’ Circle is a great way to help members build their own personal collections.

Membership Dues
Collectors’ Circle membership is open to all active Members of the Cedar Rapids Museum of Art. Dues for one year are $100 for individual memberships and $150 for a dual membership, which enables two people within the same household to become Collectors’ Circle members.  Museum members at the Turner Society level ($1,000+) receive complimentary membership to the Collectors’ Circle.

Acquisitions for the CRMA
All Collectors’ Circle dues paid annually will be set aside for Museum acquisitions. Museum staff members will present several works for potential acquisition to members of the Collectors’ Circle who may vote on which piece(s) will be acquired.  The acquisition(s) will be created and acknowledged as “Gift of the CRMA Collectors’ Circle.”

Collectors’ Circle Activities
The Museum will organize three to four events annually for the exclusive benefit of Collectors’ Circle members.  Members are also encouraged to make suggestions for events and speakers.  In order to maximize the funds available for acquisitions, any expenses for travel will be the responsibility of Collectors’ Circle members.

Exclusive programs
Collectors’ Circle members will receive invitations to exclusive events, which reflect the specific needs and interests of collectors or anyone wanting to learn more about art.  Such events could include expert presentations, curatorial tours, or previews of special programs.
Workshops may include educational programs presented by specialists on cataloguing, conservation, insurance, appraisal and other practical matters.
Collectors’ Circle members are invited on exclusive visits to other museum and private collections—both locally and in other cities. 

For more information on the CRMA Collectors’ Circle please contact Associate Curator Kate Kunau, at 319.366.7503 ext. 202 or